Collapsing Obligation

from by SCARGOD



M: Moser, T: Rothbauer


Their souls, nameless, injecting my eyes, longing for lies.
Blood flows like sins, caught and constructed, destructed

Supposed to know all morals of life. Supposed to bleed for all. Supposed to follow your pain.
Blessed to be lied upon own fantasies. Blessed to be alone if you need something. Nailed to the cross
It feels like if the stars collide. It feels like I have to break all muted mouths.. Feeble Breed.
I wonder if the sun would shine, if I was the opposite of myself. Antigone – dead by dawn.

I close my eyes to see it.
I close my heart to feel it.

I demand, to do me a favor. I demand, to read my wish from my lips
I told you to shut your mouth. I told you to swallow the truth. Your God? – It`s me!
Kill.....the serpent...needs....
The power of justice is just an illusion, justice is obsolete, infinite, desolate

I close my eyes to see it.
I close my heart to feel it.

The rules of our sun fade to dust
And a rose was given to thee as blood leaked through

Sometimes it feels like I can`t withstand the pressure…
Sometimes it feels like the world would inhale my last breath...
Sometimes it feels like I can`t stay in track... do I really have to?

I close my eyes to see it, I close my heart to feel it.


from STAY IN TRACK!, released May 30, 2017
Dominik Sebastian (Serious Black, Edenbridge) - Lead Guitars
George Haigaz Yildizian (Vomitile) - Rhythm Guitars
Malthus Unholytoxicomaniac (ex-Hellsaw, Groteskh, Sakrileg) - Drums
Jon Soti (Floating Worlds, Quadrus) - Main clean Vocals


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SCARGOD was born in 2004 as a (Gothic-) Metal Band but born again in 2013 as a Melodic Extreme Metal Band, the project turned fast into a Band with well-known Scene Musicians from Bands like Shadows Grey, Thirdmoon/ Grave... Martin Moser had the idea of a Band without confinement within genre limits. So we were born out of hell´s most obscure blackness presetting without retrench itself. ... more

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